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Costco Allows First Responders to Skip Line
**Originally Posted Tuesday, 21 April 2020We have all seen the day-to-day changes as a result of COVID-19. Fortunately, Costco has decided to help first responders by allowing them to skip the entrance line. Click the link below for a CNN article on the topic.

Preventative Coronavirus Guidelines For Our Law Enforcement Family
**Originally Posted Saturday, 28 March 2020Our priority will always be protecting our communities and amidst the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re still out there ensuring that everyone is safe while our nation experiences new challenges every day.Here are some useful tips for our fellow officers to remember via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that can help keep all of us protected as well.Be sure to share and together we can all help #FlattenTheCurve!Source:

We asked and you generously delivered. Thank you.
**Originally Posted Thursday, 16 January 2020As an appreciation of your generosity and thoughtfulness, we want to take a moment to thank you!Your charitable donation to Coronado Police Officers' Association means that we can continue to positively impact our community and support its local causes. This is what paying it forward is all about. By giving back in 2019 you’ve now shown others that you care about the future of our neighborhood.Your generosity shows that you care about our loca...

Join Us In Making a Difference in our Community, Donate Today!
**Originally Posted Wednesday, 14 November 2018 Our annual fundraiser is back! We would like to thank you for your support of the men and women of our Police Association who protect us each and every day. A police officer’s job can be stressful and demanding, but we take great pride in helping our fellow citizens whenever we get the chance. It’s not just our job, it’s our honor to serve. Please join in our mission, and support the men and women of law enforcement, Donate Here! ...